Top 10 Interactive Events Using Slido in Spring and Summer 2018

Dasa Kasparova
WeAreDevelopers using Slido in 2018

Another fantastic season is behind us, and we were lucky enough to have worked with some of the most innovative conferences out there. To wrap up the season on a high note, we wanted to celebrate the most interactive ones and share some of their key moments with you.

Here is the list of the 10 most influential conferences that used Slido in the first half of 2018.

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For the second year running, Slido was part of the legendary conglomerate of film, interactive media, music festivals and conferences taking place in Austin, Texas – South by Southwest. Speakers like Bernie Sanders, Melinda Gates and Arnold Schwarzenegger took questions from Slido and contributed to a large number of influential discussions at SXSW.

The biggest highlight of this year’s edition was a surprise Q&A session with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. During his 60-something-min session, he received almost 1,000 questions – far more than any speaker we’ve ever worked with before. Astounded, we can’t wait to see what SXSW 2019 has in store for us.

Interaction stats:

  • 3,395 questions asked
  • 3,930 active users

Pulse 2018

Pulse by Gainsight is THE event for Customer Success. Organized every April in the Bay Area, Pulse brings together 5,000+ professionals to share the best practices, challenges and perspectives on Customer Success.

The interaction went above and beyond the Q&A – the organizers of Pulse are avid users of polls to harness the most relevant industry insights that lie within the audience. One such use was during a panel debate, when they used an innovative format to draw the audience in as the third voice in the discussion.

Interaction stats:

  • 1,866 questions asked
  • 6,582 poll votes sent
  • 2,674 active users

Pulse 2018 using Slido


Collision is the fastest growing tech conference in North America. Organized by the team behind Europe’s Web Summit and hosting more than 3,750 of the world’s most outstanding CEOs on the tech scene, the conference has grown to attract over 25,000 attendees in 5 years.

Collision runs its own startup competition PITCH, inviting the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live on-stage battle. For the first time in 2018, the audience could vote for their favorite startup finalist using Slido. Moreover, the participants raised over 500 questions interacting with speakers like Al Gore (former Vice President of the United States), Brad Smith (President, Microsoft) and Sophia Bush (activist, actress).

Interaction stats:

  • 529 questions asked
  • 1,036 active users

Collision Conference in New Orleans

Money20/20 Europe

At the largest FinTech event in Europe, the participants engaged in over 90 hours of content across 9 stages. Seven of them used Slido to power the Q&As and engage with the entire payments and financial services ecosystem through live polls.

The highlights of our fourth Money20/20 event were the Q&As with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and Behavioral Economics guru Dan Ariely. Their sessions generated a storm of audience questions and drew some amazing insights from these two excellent minds.

Interaction stats:

  • 1,238 questions asked
  • 2,357 active users

Mobile World Congress

This year was the second time we partnered with the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. The event gathers an astounding number of mobile and tech enthusiasts: 107,000+ attendees and 7,700+ CEO participants.

Thanks to MWC, we made our appearance in TechCrunch. The most voted question on Slido was the first one asked during a panel on AI with executives from Google, IBM and Salesforce. In addition, this single session generated over 100 questions on Slido and added to the overall interactive experience of the event.

Interaction stats:

  • 258 questions asked
  • 663 active users

Tech Crunch using Slido


SXSW EDU Conference & Festival is one of the biggest learning and education conferences in the world. It’s the place where speakers and educators share stories, talk about innovative school designs, disruptions of current systems, media literacy, faith in tech, education and a lot more.

We were honored to be part of the SXSW EDU discussions for the fourth time in a row, and give more than 8,000 attendees a chance to ask their questions to hundreds of diverse speakers. And our highlight? A panel discussion with three first-graders talking about their experience with mindfulness and how it helps them overcome challenges in their class.

Interaction stats:

  • 2,288 questions asked
  • 2,028 active users

SXSW EDU using Slido

WeAreDevelopers World Congress

Dubbed by many as the “Woodstock of Developers,” WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 in Vienna was attended by 8,000 techies from 70 countries for 72 hours of pure dev fun. It was one of our favorite event experiences, and also our most interactive conference of this season – an incredible number of 5,860 people actively used Slido during the event.

From the smallest stage of 500 people, up to the largest hall able to accommodate 6,000 people, the attendees used Slido for every session. It was also the second time this year that we had a chance to facilitate the Q&A with Steve Wozniak. The team at WeAreDevs was an absolute delight to work with and we can’t wait to come back next year.

Interaction stats:

  • 3,630 questions asked
  • 5,860 active users

WeAreDevelopers using Slido in 2018

World Education Congress

We felt extremely honored to run Slido at the World Education Congress, a signature event of the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide, Meeting Professionals International (MPI). The congress delivers premier education, business and networking opportunities to around 7,000 event professionals.

Apart from powering Q&As and live polling, we also hosted our own session. Our CEO Peter Komornik and Chief Meeting Designer Juraj Holub facilitated a session titled The Rise of Conversational Presenting, where they shared some of the most effective use cases and engaged the attendees in a number of discussions. Read more about how they designed this interactive session.

Interaction stats:

  • 132 questions
  • 1,017 active users

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Cannes Lions is the largest gathering for the creative communications and advertising industry and its awards are recognized globally as the ultimate achievement in creativity.

This year, Slido was used in partnership with EY to support its current brand initiative #BetterQuestions. The aim was to collect questions from the audience in the room and online, curate the content and share it across social media channels. Because, as EY states in its report, “A new idea can start with asking better questions and we believe that asking questions is essential to help businesses, governments and societies solve their toughest challenges.”

As a result, the hashtag #BetterQuestions became the eighth most trending at the location and the questions asked during Cannes Lions were fabulous – just check for yourself.

Interaction stats:

  • 1,311 #betterquestions asked
  • 1,069 active users
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Image source: EY’s Facebook album

Tech in Asia Singapore

On a mission to help the tech and startup community move forward, Tech in Asia is a media, events and job platform that organizes annual conferences in Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo. As its official event interaction partner, Slido was used to power Q&A sessions, especially on the Ask me Anything stage.

The stage was dedicated solely to the 30-min Q&A sessions with various tech founders and entrepreneurs. Besides, Slido enabled the audience to become a jury in a startup pitch competition via live voting, in a similar fashion to the one at Collision.

Interaction stats:

  • 523 questions asked
  • 562 active users

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