22 Tips for Better Meetings in 2022 (A Free PDF Guide)

Katy Mrvova
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If you were to make a new year’s resolution to run better meetings in 2022 – what would your resolution be?

Maybe you’d want to prepare better for meetings? Or do you wish your meetings to be more productive, inclusive, and engaging?

Whatever your goal, the new year is the perfect time to set one and see it through.

We’ve created this short PDF guide for you that includes 22 powerful meeting tips & ideas that you can try right away to improve your future meetings.

All tips come from meeting design experts and seasoned facilitators. Get inspired and give your meetings a brighter future!

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What will you find in the guide?

In 5 pages, you’ll find 22 actionable tips in 5 chapters5 new year’s resolutions for running better meetings in 2022:

#1. To prepare better for meetings
#2. To bring more human interactions to your meetings
#3. To create more inclusive meeting experiences
#4. To run more productive meetings
#5. To ask for feedback & keep on improving

Here’s a little sneak peek:

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Resolution 1: To prepare better for meetings

#1. Dedicate enough pre-meeting time

A great meeting starts before the meeting. Spend time designing a meeting that makes sense from the first minute to the last. In their book “How to fix meetings”, G. Allcott and H. Watts advise applying a 40-20-40 rule to meetings: 40% spent on prep phase, 20% in a meeting, and the remaining 40% is for productive follow-through.

#2. Write smarter meeting invites

Add all the important information into the meeting invite so that nobody can miss it.

✅ Paste the meeting agenda in the description
✅ Attach the link to the video conference
✅ Invite everyone who’s essential for reaching the meeting outcomes
✅ Consider inviting optional people – anyone who might benefit from the meeting as well

#3. Be clear on the meeting purpose

Drill down on what the real purpose of the meeting is. Are you meeting to brainstorm, share an update on the past performance, plan the future, or enforce relationships? Identify your main goal and stick to it. If you’ve got a number of goals, consider hosting multiple meetings.

#4. Loosen up the agenda

Don’t try to cover too much in one meeting. A simple agenda goes a long way – sometimes all you need is a list of discussion points that you want to touch on during the meeting. This will hold your meeting together like a skeleton.

The most important things to add to your agenda:

✅ Purpose of the meeting
✅ The length of the meeting
✅ The expected meeting outcomes
✅ The main discussion points
✅ People who will present at the meeting
✅ Supporting documents & materials

#5. Share the agenda well in advance

Share the agenda with everyone involved well ahead of the meeting (1-3 days) via your internal comms channels such as Webex, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. You’ll set the right expectations and allow everyone to prepare for the meeting.

In the PDF guide, you’ll find #17 more great meeting tips! To read all of them, download the guide below.

Here’s to better meetings in 2022! 🎉

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