Create a New Virtual Experience for Your Attendees with Slido & Zoom Integration

Today, we’re announcing the public beta version of our integration with Zoom Video Webinars, the easiest way to engage your online audience via Zoom.

Martin Srna
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At Slido, our primary goal has always been connecting speakers with their audiences and creating meaningful interactions, both live and online.

The recent sudden shift to remote work and the lack of personal connection made interaction all the more crucial.

For this reason, we set an objective to make it easier for presenters to interact with their attendees in virtual settings.

Today, we’re introducing our new integration with Zoom Video Webinars. We are excited to bring an industry-leading video conferencing tool together with Slido’s Q&A and live polling features in a new layout.

Taking our customers on board the development process

From the start, we have partnered with our customers to understand how they set up and run their virtual meetings so we can better identify the challenges they face.

As part of our private beta, more than 100 users were given early access to the integration. During their virtual events powered by Zoom and Slido, they’ve engaged approximately 8,000 participants.

Slido Zoom Webinar integration

Among the early users were, for instance, Politico with a virtual quiz, The Bristol University and their series of lectures and a virtual summit Techxpert.

How to integrate Zoom Webinar with Slido

If you’re turning to Zoom Video Webinars when organizing your town hall meeting, virtual office hours, online conference, or marketing webinar, we cannot wait for you to integrate it with Slido.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get the most out of your Zoom Webinar with Slido:

1. Link your Slido & Zoom accounts for easy setup

The new Slido app in Zoom App Marketplace will help you connect your Slido & Zoom accounts to seamlessly embed a webinar into your Slido event. Just select a webinar from the ones you already scheduled.

2. Share one link with your attendees

Share the link to your Slido event with your attendees. They will be routed directly to the Slido app with an embedded Zoom video window.

Having the video as well as Q&A and polling in one place makes it easier for you, as a host, to communicate with your attendees. 

Slido Zoom Webinar integration

The whole experience is absolutely seamless for your participants. They can now ask a question and vote in polls in the right-side panel.

3. Collect questions in advance

You can better leverage the Q&A feature if you send out the link to your Slido event in advance, for example, in the registration email.

Your attendees will be able to post and upvote questions before the actual event. This gives you an idea of what they’re interested in and will help you tailor your content to meet their needs.

4. Let participants engage with each other in chat (coming soon)

Chat is a great feature to allow attendees to engage in a discussion amongst each other. To keep everything together, we are going to add chat right next to Q&A and polling tabs in the near future.

Note: We are continuously improving and adding new features to the Zoom integration. If you have feedback for us, we’re all ears! 

Get started with Slido & Zoom Video Webinars integration

For the past four years, Zoom has powered all our meetings at Slido, from 1-on-1s, monthly all-hands meetings to our product webinars. It has been an essential tool for us to communicate effectively as a company spread across 10 time zones. That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with Zoom on making remote meetings more engaging for everyone.

We will be rolling out the integration with Zoom Video Webinars to all users starting next week. To be among the first ones to get notified, sign up here.

We cannot wait for you to try it. 

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