Slido Insights: Notes From Our First User Event

Juraj Holub

We recently organized our very first user event, Slido Insights: Take Interaction to the Next Level. And it was an amazing experience! We were toying with this idea for months, but as you know, unless you have a strict deadline, things move slowly.

But then, Maria Schuett and James Morgan approached us and shared their idea of uniting event tech providers in order to make ourselves heard during London Technology Week.

We got onboard. And with our ‘yes’ came the deadline and things got moving fast.

We hoped to achieve two objectives with our event.

  • First, we wanted to share what we’ve sweated over in past few months and what we have in the product roadmap for the next quarter.
  • Second, we intended to provide some actionable tips on how to take interaction at events to the next level. The idea was to get event planners to share their insights and experience with fellow event planners.

So after weeks of preparation, on June 23rd, we were thrilled to welcome over 60 event professionals at our gathering to explore the future of interactive events.

Slido Update and New Features

We kicked off the event with our CEO, Peter Komornik, giving an overview of the key moments of the first half of 2016. To live up to our philosophy that every presentation can become a conversation, Peter used a series of polls to deliver the essential facts in an engaging, two-way fashion. Instead of just plainly setting out the stats, he got people to vote on the quiz questions and let them take a guess before revealing the correct answers.


Then Peter continued with presenting the latest product updates as well as outlining the product roadmap for the upcoming quarter. In between, he collected audience feedback on the introduced features with live polls and also gauged recommendations on future developments for Slido.

Panel: Taking Interaction to the Next Level

The highlight of the event was the panel chaired by the MD of Mexia Communications, Kursha Woodgate, with our guests, Chris Chapman, head of live content at Centaur Media; Luke Stallard, head of programming, EuroFinance, The Economist Group; and Lucinda Springett, events and media operations director at Haymarket.

The session examined the barriers and challenges to creating more interactive events and explored how the make-up of events in the future might change with greater audience interaction at the heart of the program.

During the panel, we ran two polls. The first revealed that over half the audience viewed the fear of public speaking among delegates as the main barrier to interaction.

Slido Insights Opportunities

Apart from exploring the interaction hurdles, panelists also addressed the opportunities to make events more interactive. The second poll showed that the audience considered the comfort of anonymity and strong opinions (controversy) as the primary motivators for audiences to interact with technology.

Slido Insights Interaction Barrier

The panel concluded by answering audience questions on a range of topics, including how to blend interactive touch points into a program, how to ensure the adoption of new technologies and how to get speakers and moderators to buy in.

In case you missed it, you can watch the full video from the panel discussion below.

See you at the next one

It was a great experience to organize our first event. Thank you, everyone, for coming. For those who couldn’t make it this time, no worries, we plan to hold more of these educational sessions in the future. We’ll be thrilled to see you at the next one.

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