Upcoming Slido Events and Speaking Engagements (H1 2018)

Where to hear Slido folks speak or moderate during the first half of 2018

Dasa Kasparova
Slido events

There are two things that give us thrills during the event season. First, we enjoy working with a number of key events, and secondly, we also love sharing our stories and know-how from the stage. Here are a few events where you can hear us speak or moderate during the first half of 2018 and learn more about running interactive meetings and events.

Are you coming to any of them? Let us know at community@slido.com – we’d love to connect.

FEBRUARY 7: Beyond Q&A: Practical tips for getting the most out of your interaction tech

Destination: Leicester, UK
Event: VenueMasters Conference
Speaker: Abi Cannons, Key Relationship Manager

Want to know more about engaging your audience with live polls and digital Q&A? Join this session to be inspired by some of the more interesting real-life use cases from our clients’ own internal meetings and external events. Whether you’re a seasoned event professional or just interested in interaction, there will be something new for everyone.

FEBRUARY 16: Slido Masterclass in London

Destination: London, UK
Register here: Slido Masterclass London

Join us for a breakfast event to refresh your Slido skills, get tips on how to make the Slido experience better for your delegates and exchange best practices with the rest of the community. Whether you’re just getting started with Slido or are looking to learn more about our advanced features, we’ve got the right tips for you.

FEBRUARY 20: Tech & Productivity at Work, London

Destination: London, UK
Register here: Tech and Productivity at Work, London

In partnership with General Assembly, we’re hosting an exclusive panel series looking at how technology impacts the way we work and meet. We’ll interview several thought-leaders and gain insight into how the most innovative companies like Facebook or Shazam run effective meetings (not only) for a millennial team.

The panelists:
Julien Lesaicherre, Director EMEA, Workplace by Facebook
Ruth Penfold, Director of Talent Acquisition, Shazam
Emma Northcott, Head of Customer Operations, Monzo
Juraj Pal, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Slido


FEBRUARY 22: Tech & Productivity at Work, San Francisco

Destination: San Francisco, USA
Register here: Tech and Productivity at Work, San Francisco

The next one of our panel series in partnership with General Assembly will take place in San Francisco. Join our panel of experts to learn how to run meetings that engage your team members, foster open culture and boost everyone’s productivity.

The panelists:
Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community, Asana
Shawn Qureshi, Video Collaboration Strategist – Enterprise Accounts, Zoom
Bela Stepanova, Director of Product, Box
Lucy Cerchlanova, West Coast Strategic Partnerships, Slido


FEBRUARY 26: Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit

Destination: Philadelphia, USA
More info about the session: The Event of the Future

Following years of stagnation where all meetings took place in classroom or theatre configurations and power rested with the presenter who dispensed knowledge from the top of the room, we’ve transitioned into a new phase of meetings and events characterized by extensive use of technology, greater audience engagement, more flexible learning environments and better measurement of learner outcomes. But what’s next for meetings and events? What will the meeting or event of the future look like?

Padraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua
Niall O’Connor, Managing Director, SonorPlex
Adam Winski, Innovation and Design Strategist, Convene
Zuzana Bozikova, Head of Education & Creative, Slido

FEBRUARY 28: Audience Engagement Beyond the Q&A

Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark
Event: Møde & Eventmessen 2018
Speaker: Juraj Pal, Head of Strategic Partnerships

We’ll host a session as part of the MPI Learning Lab where we’ll talk about conversational presenting and the role of audience engagement in events. We’ll share some practical use cases so you will leave with some actionable tips that you can implement at your next event.

MARCH 22: Tech & Productivity at Work, New York City

Destination: New York City, USA
Register here: Tech and Productivity at Work, New York

We will conclude our event series with General Assembly in New York on March 22. The same topic, three different perspectives from some amazing speakers. Listen to their stories of how they’ve been impacted by the rise of tech and how they leverage it to keep their teams engaged.

The panelists:
Jim Ray, Developer Advocacy, Slack
Katie Knecht, Communications, Squarespace
Michael Judeh, Regional Director of Technology, Convene
Juraj Pal, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Slido


APRIL 5: Audience Engagement Masterclass

Destination: London, UK
Speaker: Abi Cannons, Key Relationship Manager
Register here: Audience Engagement Masterclass

This year we partnered up with the UK’s largest full-service event technology company, Crystal Interactive, to bring event planners pre-event support and expert advice on meeting design. Join us for their Audience Engagement Masterclass where we’ll talk about how to use event tech to maximize audience engagement and share best practices with the rest of the community.

APRIL 18: Webinar on Audience Engagement

Host: #EventIcons by Endless Events
Speaker: Juraj Holub, Marketing Director

We’re teaming up with other industry professionals to share the best tips & tricks on how to maximize audience interaction and bring a whole new level of energy to your events. More details and the webcast link will be shared soon.

MAY 14: Training: The Best of Meeting Design Technology in a Day

Destination: Frankfurt, Germany – a day before IMEX Frankfurt
Speaker: Abi Cannons, Key Relationship Manager
Register here: MDI training Germany

Learning how to design meetings that encourage audience participation has become one of the critical skills for event planners. Join us for an intensive hands-on training to learn how to set up and run interaction platforms at your next event.

JUNE 2-5: The Rise of Conversational Presenting

Destination: Indianapolis, USA
Event: World Education Congress
Speakers: Peter Komornik, CEO and Juraj Holub, Marketing Director

No one wants to sit and listen for hours. The best presentations are conversations that allow people to participate, ask questions and share their ideas. During this session, you will (1) learn the principles of conversational presenting, (2) get equipped with a toolkit of engagement activities (3) experience various facilitation techniques.

JUNE 26: Training: The Best of Meeting Design Technology in a Day

Destination: London, UK – a day before The Meetings Show
Speaker: Abi Cannons, Key Relationship Manager
Register here: MDI training UK

Our training session on interaction tech will be back again in June. If you are not able to join the May session in Frankfurt, make sure to grab a spot at June event in London and get up to speed with the latest trends in the event technology.

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