Slido’s 2017 in Review

Juraj Holub

If we could summarize the year in one word, we’d label it eventful. We almost doubled our team, introduced dozens of product improvements and powered over 60 000 events this year, which is 200% more than in 2016.

But none of this would have been possible without your support, help and trust. So before we dive into some of the key numbers of the past year, let us say a huge thank you!

To you, our dear customers, partners, colleagues and anyone who has been accompanying us on our journey.

Now, without further ado, here are our highlights of 2017:

1 Slido Switcher to make your life easier

Introducing Slido Switcher was one of our biggest product releases this year. We hoped to make life for solo presenters and meeting organizers easier. So now, one computer is all you need to run live polls with your presentations.

4 new babies in our Slido family

The baby boom continues! We welcomed 4 crawlers into our Slido family. Our Slido kids now total 29. We love it when they pop up on Zoom calls and Instagram stories. Sometimes, they even fill our office lounge with their cheerful scurry.

5th anniversary: ‘Celebration time, c’mon!’

We’re growing up. In June, we celebrated our 5th anniversary and the party was epic. Thank you everyone who joined us.

6 weddings (and all of them said ‘yes’)

In summer we were on a wedding spree! Six of our team-mates got married and it was great to share the joyful moments with them on their big day. Best of luck to all our newlyweds!

8 user events to bring the community together

This year, we started focusing on bringing the community together. After a series of successful Slido.Interact events in London, we hosted our first user meetups in San Francisco, Sydney and again in London. It was inspirational to meet our clients and learn from one another.

14 couch talks to learn within the team

Continuous learning is really important to us! From September, we met every Thursday for our internal fireside chats, couch talks, to hear our team members share their stories on topics from both inside and outside Slido. There have been 14+ Slidoers interviewed this year and we’ve learned so much from them.

25 key events that made the world spin faster

We’ve always been grateful to have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading conferences. In addition to our ongoing collaborations with SXSW, SXSWedu, WOBI, Festival of Marketing and Adobe Summit, we started working with the giants like Web Summit, Slush, Money20/20 and Sibos this year. Thank you, everyone, for your trust!

30 new wall templates to make your event look great

We know. Everyone wants their events to look beautiful. We redesigned the Present view and added 30 new templates to match the theme and colors of your event. Enjoy!

40 new hires to strengthen our team

The team is everything. This year, we grew from 50 members in January to a crew of 90+ people by the end of the year. We’re thrilled to have them all onboard!

500 flights taken to be by your side

Working in the events industry means a lot of travel. And we try to be as close to our clients as possible. This year, we took over 500 flights across the globe to meet our customers in person, support the complex events or give a helping hand to our colleagues in the region.

50 000 interactions to help our customers

Everything we do at Slido is focused on the success of our customers. And we understand that when running events, minutes matter. To provide instant help, we were online 24/5 and handled over 20,000 live chats. In addition, we sent over 30,000 emails with an overall 98% satisfaction rate. It was wonderful to read all your encouraging words in the reward boxes.

Over 60 000 events powered by Slido

We live and breathe events. From small team meetups to gigantic conferences, over 60,000 events put their trust in us and used Slido, which is 200% more than in 2016. Thank you for making our year eventful!

875 000 Slack messages to stay connected

Slack has become the lifeblood of our internal communication. The same goes for many of our clients. And we want to be where they are. In August, we introduced the Slack integration that allows you to submit and moderate questions directly from Slack. If you’re on Slack, give it a try.

3 400 000 people actively used Slido

In 2017, we saw 3.4 million active users who submitted a question and/or sent a poll vote. With that crowd, you could fill the Super Bowl stadium during the big match 34 times.

SXSW 2017 using Slido

Nearly 8 million interactions

Our mission is to drive meaningful conversations. With over 6 million poll votes and 1.8 million questions sent this year, we almost tripled our last year’s numbers and hopefully helped people get more out of the events they attended.

Thank you for being part of these remarkable moments. We cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us – stay tuned!

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