How to Set Up and Run Slido at Your Corporate Meetings and Training Sessions

Juraj Holub
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When used well, Slido can make your corporate meetings or training sessions more productive and engaging. But to get the most out of it, it’s important to follow a few simple, yet crucial steps.

This article contains 7 essential tips that will help you set up and manage Slido at your meetings successfully.

1. Invite people to join Slido before the meeting

Along with sending the meeting invitation, let people know that you’ll be using Slido. You can attach a Slido link in order to start crowd-sourcing questions or collecting feedback with live polls before your meeting.

You will find an invite template here.

2. Plan your technical setup

If you plan on using only one computer for running your presentations and Slido, we highly recommend using the Switcher. It will allow you to switch seamlessly between your slides and Slido polls and Q&A.

  • Download the Switcher, log in, and select the event
  • Open your presentation and start presenting
  • Log in to the Slido Admin on another device to manage Slido

Learn how to set up the Switcher here or discover other setup options here.

3. Synchronize and test before you start

As a presenter or a trainer, you can easily manage Slido on your own using your smartphone, tablet or another computer.

To activate polls and push Q&A on screen, you need to be logged into your account and can manage Slido from the Admin tab.

Slido Admin

If you plan to have an assistant to help you with the meeting, they can log in on their own computer or smartphone and manage Slido from there. Then, discuss the sequence of slides, polls, and Q&A to know when to display which component.

Pro tip: Display the Present view and submit a few test questions. If you plan to use polls, send a vote to check if everything is running smoothly and if people can read the font easily. Remember to reset the results and archive the test questions.

4. Introduce Slido at the start

The key to success is ensuring you introduce Slido at the start of your meeting. Encourage participants to submit their questions and upvote the submissions that others have posted.

If you’re using Slido for the first time, you can run a warm-up poll that will help people get familiar with the tool.

You can get inspired by this simple intro script here.

5. Manage questions during the presentation

If you present alone, it’s easier to keep the moderation off so when you decide to display the questions to the audience, the top ones will already be in the Present view.

Pro tip: You can highlight and archive any of the questions by hovering over the question and clicking the dedicated icons.

If you’d like to turn the moderation of questions on, we recommend asking an assistant to help filter the incoming questions.

Encourage the assistant to approve questions as soon as they come in. This way people will feel heard and will have the chance to upvote the questions the others have posted.

Watch this short video (1:25) to learn how to approve questions.

6. Run polls during your presentation

If you’re using the Switcher, simply click ‘play’ in the admin to activate the poll. It will be automatically displayed on your presentation screen. The results will update in real-time as the participants send in their votes.

Comment on the results to put them in the context of your talk or refer to them to kick-start the conversation.

If you want to move on with your presentation, just click stop to return to your slides and continue.

Watch this video (1:41) to learn more about activating polls.

7. Export your event data

Slido captures all the submitted questions and the poll results during your meetings so you can share or process them later on.

You can export raw data into Excel sheet, download PDF exports or for flashier reporting, share a link to the event infographic.

Learn more how to export questions and export poll results.

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