Release Notes: October + November

Martin Broz
Product news

We created Release Notes to keep you posted on the latest features, design changes and all the little things that we work on during the course of the month.

This is what we did in October and November.

What’s new?

New Dashboard

We’ve introduced a new feature called Dashboard! As a Slido Admin, you can now see and control important features from one place. You’ll find a more detailed look at how it works below.

  • Approve and manage questions

In the top left window, you can highlight and archive all approved questions.

You can also use the same window to review all incoming questions and approve them directly from there.

  • Activate polls

You can easily activate polls, hide the results or lock voting in the top right window. Use the “Create a poll” button to quickly create a question and type in the options.

  • Keep track of active users

In the Analytics window, you can see the number of active users or submitted poll votes.

  • Resources

In the bottom right window, you’ll find a library of the essential resources to help you run Slido successfully at your event. You can watch tutorial videos, read how-to guides or simply get inspiration from our blog articles.

Wallpapers for the Present view

We’ve handpicked and added twenty-two new wallpapers for your Present view! ?

You can easily customize the Slido Present view and match it with your event’s look or theme. Set up a night sky for your evening meetup or a New York City view for your team meeting in Big Apple.

Learn how to change it here.

Slack integration

We added new features to the Slack integration! By simply using a /slido command in Slack, you can instantly create a new Slido event and start crowdsourcing your team’s questions.

  • Add Slido app to your Slack team
  • Go to any channel or a conversation
  • Type in /slido

Your event’s now live! Using Ask a question and View questions buttons, you can send questions and directly participate in a meeting from Slack.

Learn more about the integration here.

All the little things

Change your licence owner

We understand that people and roles within companies change.

As a licence owner, you can now invite a new person to your organization and assign the owner role to someone else. They can then easily access and create events or assign roles.

Here’s a quick how-to guide for the owners.

If you’d like to learn more or get some help with the setup, drop a quick message in the comments section below, give us a shout at or on Twitter @slidoapp. We’re happy to help!

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