Prezi Experts On How To Create An Extraordinary Prezi

Juraj Holub

Prezi is great. It gives speakers loads of freedom to deliver their ideas, captivate audiences and make everyone feel a part of the story.

There is no doubt that Prezi is a powerful presentation tool but we were inquisitive to discover the key elements that change an average Prezi into an inspiring masterpiece.

Moreover, as we are obsessed with turning one-way presentations into dialogues by giving everyone a chance to ask and express their opinion, we were also curious to learn more about how Prezi helps speakers to engage with their audiences better than other tools.

Therefore, we asked the Prezi experts to share with us their expertise and ideas about what a great Prezi consists of and how it helps presenters to engage the audience.

What are the key elements for creating a great Prezi?

Russell Anderson-Williams, The Prezenter

Always put time aside to plan your Prezi first. Also, try NOT to use all of the space you have available on the canvass. Too many bad Prezis exist because people try to use every inch of the canvass. Instead, try to limit yourself to a specific area and this will help you avoid too many large jerky transitions that don’t look good at all.

Pieter Bosschaart, Mr. Prezident

Think before you start. Ask yourself what it is you want your audience to do when they walk out the room. For example, if you want to inform or lecture your audience, make sure your content is easy to understand. This basically means skipping all unnecessary information and make sure the overview of your Prezi gives a sense of orientation within the discussed topics.

David Wilks, wOw Prezi

That really depends on what is to be accomplished. In general, (1) a big idea that is the central theme, (2) less is more, and (3) a strong conversational story. These three elements together, with some tender loving care, make for a great Prezi.

Hedwyg van Groenendaal, Prezi University

First you need know what the goal is of your presentation. Next you create the content. And only final you create the design. You can’t do content and design and the same time. That’s impossible. So the right order (for any presentation) is: 1. goal 2. content 3. design


How does Prezi help speakers engage with their audience?

Russell Anderson-Williams, The Prezenter

I believe that the real power of Prezi lies in the ability to deliver non-linear presentations. This means that if your content is laid out correctly you can start from any point in the presentation that your audience would like to go. Being able to dictate the flow of a presentation is probably one of the most engaging things an audience member could do.

David Wilks, wOw Prezi

My article on Human Spatial Cognition explains thoroughly how our minds actually encode memories. The z-axis (known as the zoom in Prezi) speaks to human memory and your audience will actually remember a substantial amount more of the presentation. Prezi also allows for the presentation to be non-linear because most concepts in life are not simply about going from point A to point B.

Pieter Bosschaart, Mr. Prezident

Slides aren’t necessarily bad when it comes to engaging an audience. They do however invite you to tell your story step by step. The fun part of Prezi begins when letting go of linear structures. I’ll invite you to create a Prezi with an overview of all topics that might help you to reach the minds of your audience. Instead of walking through all topics, start your presentation by asking what topic your audience wants to talk about and click it. You’ll start a dialogue instead of a monologue.

Hedwyg van Groenendaal, Prezi University

When presenting a Prezi on multiple subjects the audience can choose from, you put these subjects in the overview and let the audience choose a subject. Zoom in to the subject and after discussing it, return to the overview and let the audience choose again. The audience will be much more engaged because they can influence the presentation.

I used for Prezi a couple of times during my workshops and my course attendees were very enthusiastic about it! They could actually do something during the presentation. And the answers the audience gave in the poll questions were of great value for me, mainly because they were more honest because the audience voted anonymously.

Thanks to everyone for your valuable input!

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