The Most Interactive Events That Used Slido in 2017

Dasa Kasparova

The first half of the year is behind us and it was incredible! With more than 25,000 events during this time, we’ve decided to look back and celebrate the most interactive events of 2017 so far.

Here they come.

United States

1. SXSW 2017

Founded in 1987 in Austin, SXSW attracts flocks of trail-blazing entrepreneurs, tech geeks and film aficionados. Over five days in early March, Slido enabled thousands of participants to join the conversation during the most popular keynote sessions, with topics ranging from ‘Covering the POTUS’ with Chief Editor of The New York Times to open discussion with their favorite Game of Thrones characters.

  • 3,958 questions asked

2. SXSWedu 2017

SXSWedu using Slido in 2017

We were honored to be a part of the largest and most influential conference shaping the future of education. SXSWedu in Austin, Texas, brought together some of the most forward-thinking stakeholders, thousands of attendees and groups of excited volunteers who helped make this event a one-of-a-kind conference experience. With Slido being used at over 20 sessions at the same time, it’s also the most logistically complex event that we have worked with so far.

  • 2,918 questions asked
  • 2,133 poll votes sent

3. Pulse 2017

Slido at Pulse 2017

Pulse by Gainsight is the world’s flagship event for Customer Success. Every year, it presents the best practices and insightful data from over 150 elite speakers. Slido helped them connect with every member of the vast audience and bring out the best questions. You can read a short case study about one of the most interactive sessions on our blog.

  • 1,832 questions asked
  • 1,276 poll votes sent


1. Money20/20 Europe

Money20/20 Europe with Slido

Europe’s largest fintech event took place at the end of June in Copenhagen. We were lucky to be onsite and witness a large number of questions flowing both ways between speakers and the audience. Seeing the increasing engagement numbers, the organizers came up with a fun way to give thanks to the attendees: they rewarded the most influential delegate with the most voted questions with a bottle of champagne! It was a great move which helped them get even closer to the audience.

  • 769 questions asked
  • 4,045 poll votes sent

2. Enoforum 2017

The largest technical and scientific conference for wine professionals in Europe also became one of our most interactive events. Among a number of polls, the attendees were asked to rate specific studies in terms of how useful they are for their work. All in all, the three-day long Enoforum in Vicenza, Italy, took in more than 3,600 poll votes and almost 700 questions (and hopefully enjoyed the same number of glasses of the finest wine).

  • 699 questions asked
  • 3,626 poll votes sent

3. Craft Conference 2017

Organized by two leading companies in the Hungarian tech scene, IBM Budapest Lab and Prezi, Craft Conference aims to help Budapest become an innovation HUB of Europe. It focuses on all aspects of software delivery craftsmanship. We are extremely happy that Slido helped deliver some great discussions about team management and work efficiency and actually enabled software engineers to exchange their views and ideas on a variety of topics.

  • 735 questions asked

United Kingdom

1. RUSI Land Warfare Conference

RUSI (the Royal United Services Institute) is the world’s oldest independent think tank focused on cutting-edge defense and security research. Its annual conference hosts high-profile military personnel, government officials and academia to discuss the role and challenges of land forces in the evolving strategic environment. Despite having a traditionally conservative audience, the organizers did an amazing job engaging them over a number of panel sessions and becoming our most interactive event in the UK.

  • 551 questions asked
  • 224 poll votes sent

2. The Big Debate: Shaping the next London Plan 

Back in January, Deputy Mayors and the leading London associations of built environment industry met in London to discuss how to build ‘A City for all Londoners’. Up to 1,000 delegates contributed to the debate and shared their thoughts on the future shape of the capital via Slido. The topics ranged from transportation and public spaces to housing and enhancing London’s economic activity.

  • 256 questions asked
  • 5,953 poll votes sent

3. Adobe Summit EMEA 2017

In May, Adobe Summit EMEA in London was the place to be for all marketing professionals. Dedicated to the latest industry trends in digital marketing across 11 tracks, the conference hosted a number of great Q&A sessions through Slido. One that particularly resonated with us was the session from the VP of Engineering and the Head of Product who collected real-time feedback on Adobe’s product updates from its users in the audience. This provided the company with the unique opportunity to find out where its focus should lie in the future.

  • 838 questions asked
  • 813 poll votes sent


1. Australian Cyber Security Centre Conference 2017

In March, ACSC hosted leading cybersecurity experts from Australia and abroad to discuss the latest challenges and advances in cybersecurity. Besides providing each session with Q&A time via Slido, the organizers ran an incredible 99 polls to gather feedback after each talk. We’re already looking forward to the next ACSC conference, the topics and ideas for which were cleverly crowdsourced at this year’s edition.

  • 992 questions asked
  • 3,279 poll votes sent

2. WOBI Sydney

World Business Forum is the foremost global source of inspiration and transformation for business leaders organized around the globe. During the 4th Sydney edition, Slido was used at a number of Q&A sessions in conjunction with the brilliant minds from various businesses. The conference organizers love to work with the feedback they collect over the course of the event from the delegates, giving them a chance to shape the future WOBI events with their ideas.

  • 529 questions asked
  • 2,430 poll votes sent

3. Victorian Youth Summit 2017

The first Youth Summit organized by the Victorian Government provided a great opportunity for hundreds of young people to voice their ideas and help shape future government decisions and policies. Together with the representatives of local youth advisory groups, they discussed key issues impacting young people. The event was amazingly interactive, with the top question receiving more than 100 likes!

  • 641 questions asked
  • 579 poll votes sent

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