Introducing ‘Correct Answer’ to Create a Quiz-Like Experience for Your Audience

Martina Cicakova
Introducing the new Correct Answer feature in Slido multiple choice polls

After hearing your feedback, we are excited to introduce Correct Answer to enhance your experience with live polls.

This new feature allows you to visually mark the right answer both on the screen and on people’s devices when using multiple-choice polls.

If you want to run a contest or check whether people have understood the presented information, engaging them in a quiz-like experience will make it memorable and fun.

Here is a preview of how it looks when displayed on a screen:

Displaying correct answers on the screen in Slido Present view

This is how it works

The feature is very easy to set up. Once you’ve created a multiple-choice poll, simply tick the ‘Mark correct answer’ box and select the correct options.

How to set up correct answers in Slido

When you’re ready, activate the poll. Once all the votes are in, lock the voting and display the results.

To reveal the correct answer, click on the green ‘Show correct answer’ button or hover over your poll and click the check icon.

The correct option will be automatically highlighted both in the Present view and on the participants’ devices. It will be marked by a check icon which appears next to the right answer.

Reveal the correct answer with one click

Download the results to see how people answered

Do you want to see how each participant voted? It’s possible to download the results with people’s names and their individual answers. To do that, you will need to turn on the option ‘Require name’ in Privacy settings before your event starts.

Once you’ve collected the votes, you can export all answers per user. Go to your Analytics, click on the ‘Export’ button and choose ‘Poll results per user.’ You’ll find all responses there. The correct answers will be marked as ‘1’.

Download the results with correct answers

For more guidance and a pro tip on how to create a leaderboard, read this FAQ article.

To help you get started, here are three examples of how you can use the feature:

Break the ice with a quiz question

Why not open your talk or meeting with a fun quiz? A bit of competition can freshen up your session and prompt people to put on their thinking caps. It’s a lively way to introduce your topic, set the tone and gauge the level of knowledge in the room.

Icebreaker quiz with correct answers

Test your attendees’ understanding of the content

Whether you want to share product news or run a training session, you can use polls to check if your audience has understood what has been presented.

Seeing the correct answer displayed on the screen will help people consolidate their learnings and remember the new information faster.

Check for understanding of the content correct answers

Make introductions more fun

Our new feature can also help you introduce new colleagues or help your team get to know the leadership in a creative way. A popular way to do this was inspired by the game Two Truths and a Lie.

To pull it off, collect two facts and one lie about each person you want to introduce. Then, create a multiple-choice poll and tick the lie as the correct answer. Finally, let people guess which statement is the lie.

At the end, highlight the correct answer and invite each person to share his or her story.

Make introductions fun with a quiz and mark correct answers

We’re sure you’ll come up with lots of other ways to use the Correct Answer feature. Make sure to let us know, we’d love to get inspired.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know at


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