How to Leverage Your Interactive Presentation to Collect Business Leads

Gainsight's Director of Customer Success Strategy used live polls to gain insights into his audience and collect relevant contact details for follow up opportunities.

Dasa Kasparova

If you work in Customer Success, Pulse 2017 was a conference not to miss. This three-day event used Slido to better communicate with their huge 4000-strong audience.

There were more than 250 exceptional sessions but the one that stood out for us focused on the Gainsight Maturity Model. A session that talks about Assessing the Maturity of Customer-Facing Operation, may sound dry and full of theory, but it turned out to be incredibly engaging.


With the Customer Success Maturity Model, Gainsight helps their customers better understand their current processes across five key areas. By understanding the current state of the company, Gainsight can help optimize the company’s processes in order to move them to the next stage.


During the 30 minute session, Scott Golden, Director of Customer Success Strategy at Gainsight, wanted the 60 person audience both to understand the five areas (or pillars) of their model and learn how to apply it in their own company.

They also wanted to collect attendee contact information, so that they could follow up with those who wanted to learn more.

Meeting design

Scott started the session by explaining each stage of the model. Once the attendees understood the model principles, he asked them to assess the maturity of their own company.

Using a poll, Scott started with the first pillar: the maturity of the Customer Lifecycle process. Having opened the voting, he kept the pillar description on the screen to help the audience identify where they fit in.

Pulse 2017 Slido live poll

The results showed that more than half the audience felt they were in the second stage of maturity, making informed decisions. Scott used this information to explain what this means for their companies and what action steps to take to get to the third stage of maturity.

Scott then repeated this same process for the other four pillars, sharing insights and adding value by customizing his advice to the needs of the audience.

At the end of the session, Scott activated one final poll where attendees could share their contact details if they were interested in learning more about the Customer Maturity Model.

The result

During his short session, Scott drove the conversation using the real-time data to make a theoretical session extremely relevant for the participants. By self-assessing, the attendees could see if and how they would benefit from Gainsight’s software.

As a result, Scott managed to generate leads that were already qualified and who had a fundamental understanding of how the product could help their business. Before leaving for the next session, 40 % of the attendees shared their email addresses with Scott.

How to replicate this at your own session

  • Do a quick introduction of your model
  • Use a live poll to let the audience self-evaluate their level
  • Identify the level of the room and provide practical steps for improvement
  • Repeat the process with all your key points
  • Use an open text poll to collect relevant contacts for follow up opportunities

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