7 Interactive Tips to Power up Your PowerPoint Presentation

Katy Mrvova
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About 30 million PowerPoint presentations are given every day. Company meetings, training, events, lectures… The scope of PowerPoint is enormous. But many of the presentations are based on one-way content recitations, leaving the audience unengaged.

Adding interactive elements into your PowerPoint presentation will help you freshen up your talks, and maximize the value people get from it.

Here’s your guide on how to make your PowerPoint presentation interactive and super engaging with Slido.

Grab your audience with an interactive icebreaker

Opening a presentation can be a struggle. You have the tough job of winning the audience over while appearing highly confident.

Live polls can help you start strongly. With a smart icebreaker poll, you will be able to check the pulse in the room, or effectively lay the foundations of your presentation.

For example, you can set up learning objectives by asking your audience: “What’s the one thing you’d like to walk away with after this session?”

Or, you can collect your audience’s insights by running a word cloud poll, such as: “Which one word comes to your mind when you hear ‘XY’?”

slido word cloud icebreaker

Don’t forget to comment on the results and bridge them with the main part of your presentation.

Here are more examples of how to open your presentation with live polls.

Keep the momentum and engage your audience throughout

Build upon the strong start and keep the conversation with your audience going.

Space out various interactive polls throughout your talk to break your content into more digestible chunks.

Does your presentation include any interesting stats or research results? If yes, turn them into a guessing game using a multiple choice poll, such as the one below.

slido multiple choice poll

Or do you want to collect your audience’s opinions about the topic you are presenting? Run a rating poll that will help you find out where your attendees stand on a given topic.

slido rating poll

Before you move on, make sure that you comment on the results. You can also ask a few volunteers to share the reasons why they voted the way they did.

Encourage discussions among the people in the audience

The interaction doesn’t only have to happen between the speaker and the audience. During your presentation, spark a discussion among your audience.

Using the poll from the previous point as an example, invite people to form pairs or small groups, and brainstorm solutions that could be put into practice against climate change.

If possible, walk among the audience, and join the conversations. Don’t forget to do the debrief, and ask your audience to share their thoughts with the rest of the room.

slido group discussion exercise
Group discussions are priceless if you want to enhance learning during your presentation.

Run a fun recap quiz

Insert some entertainment into your presentation. Run a quiz at the end to recap the topic you were presenting – or just for fun.

Keep it short. 5-7 questions will generally do for a high-octane finish.

slido quiz

Throughout the quiz, keep the interaction with your audience by asking them how they’re doing so far. For example, after the third question, you can ask your attendees something like:

“Okay, show of hands; who has three out of three correct?”

At the end of the quiz, display the leaderboard and give a shout out to the winners.

slido quiz leaderboard

You can finish off your quiz with a nice touch and get a sweet prize for the winner and the runners-up.

Bring your talk home with a live Q&A

Don’t forget the Q&A – your audience always has questions.

Since not everyone is comfortable with speaking up in public, collect questions via Slido during your presentation.

Once you’re done with your talk, display the questions on the screen and move seamlessly to the Q&A part.

In case there aren’t any questions, ask people to take a minute to think about the content they’ve just heard. Then, prompt them to formulate a question and submit it.

Slido questions during Q&A

If you get more questions than you can answer during your Q&A slot, don’t leave them hanging in the air. Here are tips on what to do with unanswered questions after your Q&A.

Collect feedback from your audience

Feedback is priceless in order to keep improving your presentations.

You can use polls to collect feedback as well. Combine rating polls for a quick evaluation and open text polls, where your audience can leave more elaborate comments.

Your feedback survey could look something like this:

Slido feedback form

To boost response rate, make sure that you ask your audience to fill out the survey while they’re still in the room. Once they leave, they may easily forget about it.

Adding interaction into your PowerPoint presentation

Now you might be asking: “How do I add all these interactive activities into my PowerPoint presentation?”

We’re currently working on a PowerPoint integration, that will allow you to run all your live polls, quizzes, and Q&A seamlessly without ever leaving your PowerPoint presentation.

Sign up for the early access and be among the first to try it out!

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