How to Involve Your Speakers in the Post-event Q&A

Juraj Holub

In October, Slido was used at Pioneers Festival in Vienna, allowing over 2000 people in the audience to ask presenters their questions. In fact, they sent so many questions that the speakers had to be cut off before they had the chance to answer them all. 

To provide their community with all the responses, the organizers took the speakers’ Q&A a step further this year. As the delegates submitted their questions via Slido, they all remained stored in the archive.

This allowed the organizers to email the unanswered questions to the speakers and ask them a favor to respond to them after the conference.

Steli Efti from was one of those speakers who received more questions than he was able to crunch after literally rocking the stage.

Therefore, he shot a 20-minute video where he responded to the remaining questions that the participants sent via Slido at the actual event. It’s an awesome way how to connect with the audience even after the conference. Just take a look.

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How can you involve your speakers in the post-event Q&A?

1. Collect the questions and sync with speakers

Naturally, you need to collect and store the audience questions first. One of the most efficient ways is to use audience response systems, such as Slido that allows you to archive audience questions so you can work with them after the event is over.

Secondly, connect with your speakers and ask them if they’d be up for doing the post-talk Q&A.

Thirdly, agree on the content format of the Q&A – video, interview, write-up, etc.

2. Explain what you expect

Once you decide on the format, recommend your speakers to include the following points in their piece.

  • Sum up  their talk briefly
  • Direct viewers to see their original talk (if it’s been recorded)
  • Answer the questions

3. Share the post-talk content

  • Share the video via your social media channels
  • If you send an after-event email, include the link to your speakers’ post-talk Q&As
  • Encourage speakers to share it via their social media too

Steli Efti_close.io_pioneers_festival

Finally, we definitely recommend watching Steli’s great talk Hustle Hard.


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