15+ Poll Questions to Make Your Meetings More Fun

Martina Cicakova
Using live polls can make your project meetings more fun

Using poll questions can make your meetings more fun, but also more participative. If used well, they can help you set the right atmosphere, nail down the focus of the meeting and help you achieve your objectives.

For your inspiration, we have compiled a list of poll questions you can use in four types of project-related team meetings. Feel free to edit them to fit your objective and context.

Project kick-offs

A project kick-off meeting is your key tool to ensure that everyone understands the project’s aim, as well as why and how it will be delivered.

These fun poll questions will help you check that everyone is on the same page and that the main messages have been communicated well.

How would you explain this project to your 14-year-old niece in one sentence? (Open text poll)

Do you understand the purpose of this project? (Multiple choice poll)

  • Yes, I could explain it if you wake me in the middle of the night
  • I need clarification on a few more points but I’m nearly there
  • No, you lost me at, “There will be coffee and cake later”

How should we measure the success of this project (the KPI)? (Multiple choice poll)

  • Page visits
  • New sign-ups

Using live polls during a project kick off team meeting

Status update meetings

Once your project is running, it’s important that everyone involved is regularly updated on its progress.

Using live polls in your status update meetings can help you identify key areas of project progress and any hurdles that your team needs to overcome.

What did we manage to complete in the past week? (Open text poll)

How confident are you that we are on track to meet the project deadline? (Rating poll, 1-7, 1=not at all confident, 7=extremely confident)

Is there anything that’s stopping you from working on your task? If so, what is it? (Open text poll)

Tip: To prioritize the discussion points and identify the most burning ones, crowdsource the agenda a few days in advance. You can use the new Slido Ideas feature to let people submit and upvote the topics they want to discuss.

Live poll during a project update meeting


When a project is completed, agile teams run retrospective meetings to review how the project went and identify space for improvement. Incorporating polls can help you consolidate learnings and acknowledge mistakes effectively.

In a short survey, ask each team member what they think worked well and what could be improved. Send it out a few days before your meeting to give people time to think.

Example survey questions:
How do you rate the past month? (Rating poll, 1-7, 1=not so good, 7=excellent)
What went well? (Open text poll)
What can we improve? (Open text poll)
What did you learn while working on the project? (Open text poll)

What one thing should we stop/start/continue doing in Q3? (Open text poll)

If you would like to say thank you to somebody, you can do it here. (Open text poll)

For more tips and examples, read our 7-Step Guide to Running an Effective Retrospective Session.

Using live polls during retrospective team meeting

Virtual meetings

During the course of the project, part of your team might work remotely. This lack of in-person interaction in virtual meetings creates an extra barrier that you need to overcome.

Freshen up your online meetings with live polls to break the ice and pull people in from the start. The trick is to find a topic that everyone can relate to.

Which city are you joining from today? (Word cloud poll)

Have you ever joined an online meeting… (Multiple choice poll)

  • While having breakfast
  • From the bathroom
  • In your PJs
  • From your bed

People who join meetings remotely often don’t have regular contact with their colleagues. Ask them to share stories at the start to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebrate good news.

In one sentence, what’s the best thing that has happened to you in the past week? (Open text poll)

Have you had a funny experience since our last meeting that you’d like to share? (Open text poll)

For more tips on leading and facilitating virtual meetings, check out our recent guide.

Using live polls during online team meetings

Wrap up

Poll questions do not only help you achieve your objectives. Asked in the right way, they can bring personality to the meeting, break the ice and inject a dose of humor. Get inspired by these examples and make your next meeting more transactional, participative and fun.

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