The Measures We’re Taking in Response to COVID-19

Peter Komornik
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The continuous spread of the coronavirus is changing the way we live our lives, both personally and professionally. It’s a challenging time for all of us, and our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the outbreak.

As a company, Slido is taking the situation very seriously. With our team distributed across 14 countries and 30 cities, we’re trying our best to keep all our employees safe, informed and make sure our business operations remain unimpaired.

Among the main priorities that guide us are:

  • To protect our employees and communities we live in 
  • Ensure continuity of our service to all our clients
  • Support our clients during their transition to virtual meetings and presentations

These priorities have translated into the following actions:

1. Practice social distancing at the highest level

We believe that the most effective measure is to limit the physical contact of our employees in the office or on their commute to the office. That’s why, since March 9th, we were strongly encouraging all our employees to work from home.

As of March 16th, we declared that all employees in all regions were required to work from home indefinitely.

Since some of our employees are not used to working from home, we’re taking steps to improve their working conditions at home as well as looking out for their mental wellbeing.

We also believe that in the current situation, virtual meetings and events are the only responsible way for people to meet and gather.

Hence, as of March 3rd, we canceled all onsite conference support. At the moment, we’re putting all our efforts into supporting conference organizers who are switching to a virtual event format.

2. Work toward maintaining flawless business operations

Since 30% of all Slido’s employees have always worked remotely, we already had systems in place to support a remote setup. 

We use GSuite for emails and collaboration on files, OKTA for identity management, Slack for internal messaging and Zoom for video conferencing. These and other cloud tools enable both our centrally located and remote teams to collaborate seamlessly and stay connected.

Our critical team functions are distributed across different geographical locations. This way, we’re decreasing the risk of being unavailable due to contagion at the same time.

Slido is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure. Our infrastructure stack is full of components that support availability and fault-tolerance at the highest possible grade. We maintain and regularly test various disaster recovery scenarios; thus, we are ready to react very quickly to remediate any AWS service disruptions at the regional level.

3. Help our clients make their virtual meetings and events more interactive

Switching to a fully remote meeting brings about plenty of new challenges. When compared to in-person meetings and events, virtual meetings are much more demanding for your attendees’ attention.

Hence, it is critical that we modify the format of the meetings and create a more interactive and engaging environment for the attendees.

For this reason, we are proactively sharing our expertise with our customers by:

  • Organizing regular webinars on how to engage people during virtual meetings
  • Providing 1:1 consultation calls for clients who need advice on their Slido remote meetings setup
  • Collecting tips and best practices about remote meetings and sharing them via our blog on a regular basis

On top of that, we’ve decided to provide a free upgrade for our Teacher plan to all teachers, lecturers, and students globally until July 1, 2020. To claim it, simply sign up with your academic email address and verify your email.

See how Slido can help you make your virtual meetings and events more interactive and engaging for your participants. 

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