3 Slido Ideas for Your Christmas Party + New Christmas Theme

Martin Broz
christmas decorations

We love Christmas. At Slido, we bring all our teams together for a final all-hands meeting and party before we fully embrace the holiday season with family and friends.

It’s a great opportunity to reunite as a team, look back over the year and have some fun.

Here are the three tips for your Christmas party to help you wrap up 2017 in style.

Summarize the year with quiz polls

Ditch the boring presentations of the company’s yearly accomplishments. Do an interactive quiz instead!

Let the team guess the results before you reveal the actual numbers. But don’t leave it at that.

Include some of the team’s private milestones too, such as the number of sealed marriages, born children or traveled countries.

How can you do this?

  • Split people into teams
  • Create a set of quiz polls in Slido
  • Activate them one by one and have the teams vote for their best option
  • Announce the correct asnwer for each question and keep the score

Make sure you have a trophy for the winning team! ?

Crowdsource the top highlights

There are lots of amazing stories behind the numbers. And it’s truly inspirational to hear them directly from the team.

Put your team members in pairs or small groups to discuss and submit their personal highlights from the last year.

Then go through the most popular ones, give credit where due and celebrate together.

How can you do this?

  • Connect people in pairs and have them discuss their highlights together
  • Ask them to submit their top highlights to Slido and encourage them to upvote what others posted
  • Go through the highlights and comment on them

Crowdsource the best songs

At parties, it’s almost impossible to satisfy everyone’s taste in music. If you’re struggling to create a great playlist, simply use Slido to crowdsource the best songs.

How can you to this?

  • Create an event and share the link with your colleagues
  • Ask them to submit their favorite songs and upvote the songs of others
  • If you want, you can display the Slido Present screen at your party so everyone can see what’s coming up next

We then use Spotify to curate an online playlist.

A Christmas present for your Present view

To make Slido more festive, we’ve just launched a new Christmas theme for your Present view.

You can use it when displaying crowdsourced highlights, voting for the popular songs or simply wrap up your 2017 meetings with a touch of Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Slido Team!

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