7 Interactive Ideas for Your All-Hands Meeting with Slido

Katy Mrvova
Slido all-hands meeting

Your all-hands meeting is a special occasion. All the brains and souls of your company are condensed into one room (or conference call). Just imagine the potential.

Now comes the more difficult part: Unlocking that potential. Keeping all your employees alert, engaged and participating. Making sure the content of your all-hands hits the mark and sticks.

With the help of Slido and these 7 interactive activities, this is not a mission impossible. Read on and make your meetings worth every minute and every penny.

1. Make opening fun with polls

All-hands meetings might be primarily about business, but they’re also a unique time for the team to get together and have some fun.

With live polls, you can strike a fun note right from the beginning.

Ask your employees a punchy question related to the season or referring to a company highlight. This will help you get your team in the right mood and set the context for the main part of the meeting.

At Slido, for example, we opened our June all-hands by asking our colleagues “What’s your holiday destination this year?”

We gave our team a minute to submit their answers into a Slido word cloud poll and after we got enough submissions, we showed the results on the screen. The word cloud looked really impressive:

slido word cloud poll

Another time, we asked our colleagues to guess “How many kids are there within Slido at the moment?” We made this a multiple choice poll with four options and once everyone had submitted their guesses, we revealed the correct answer.

These icebreakers are fun and their versatility allows you to open up each of your town halls in a different style.

2. Appreciate your team with Silent Heroes & Heroines

Company town halls are a great opportunity to celebrate your teammates’ hard work and effort and make their deeds shout out loud. After all, people are the reason why run all-hands meetings in the first place.

Tell your team to think of a colleague who, in their opinion, went the extra mile or did an exceptional job in the last month or quarter.

Ask them to submit this person’s name into Slido via a word cloud poll. (To avoid confusion name-wise, we use our Slack handles.)

Once people cast their votes, display the results on the screen. The more times a person has been voted for, the larger their name gets.

slido word cloud poll silent hero

This simple, yet impactful activity is our absolute favorite. It’s a nice way to boost team morale and give a shout out to all the people whose great work is not always plain to see.

3. Crowdsource and discuss your team highlights

Instead of driving company highlights from the stage, why not crowdsource them directly from those who made them happen?

Ask your colleagues to think about their biggest high-point of the month, season or quarter. It can be practically anything that makes a person proud; from a professional achievement to a personal triumph. Then, tell them to turn to the colleague sitting next to them and share their top moment with him or her.

At our all-hands, this always turns into a lively discussion. In the end, we ask our teammates to submit their highlights by using Slido Ideas and upvote their favorite ones posted by others.

We also display our highlights on the screen for everyone to see all the good things we achieved together and read some of the major ones out loud to give them a public shout out.

slido poll seasonal highlights

This powerful activity is guaranteed to lift team spirits and motivate people for the next season.

4. Review seasonal numbers in a quiz

There are plenty of numbers shared during an all-hands meeting; seasonal stats, sales, revenues, NPS, you name it.

How about giving this drill a new spin? Turn presenting the company stats into an interactive quiz. Let your employees have a guess at how the company was doing in terms of numbers.

Create a quiz in Slido, add your questions and mark the correct options. Ask your teammates to join the quiz and select the option they think is true before revealing the answer.

You can make this pastime even more entertaining by including some fun stats. For example, at our last all-hands meeting of 2018, we ran quiz polls such as:

  • How many hours did we spend on Zoom calls this year?
  • How many air miles did our team travel altogether this year?

This activity is a perfect fit for wrapping up a season, quarter or a year and works equally well on company meetings, as well as off-sites or team-building events.

5. Align the team around company goals

All-hands meeting is not merely about reviewing the past, but also about boosting motivation for the things to come. It offers you a unique space and time to align all your teams around the company mission and goals, as well as reignite their excitement about future ventures.

For instance, at our first all-hands of 2019, our CEO, Peter, shared with us our all-company goals for the upcoming spring season. He prompted us to take a minute to think about which of these goals can we participate in achieving, and how.

He ran a poll: “Which of these goals can you help to achieve?” and asked us to pick at least one we felt confident in contributing to.

After everyone submitted their answers, Peter asked several people in the room and online to share their thoughts and personal input into reaching these goals.

This activity helps to make the company goals stick and allows to break the big picture down into smaller, actionable steps that each member of the team can take. A great motivation booster, isn’t it?

6. Hold a transparent Q&A

No all-hands meeting is complete without the Q&A section. They are a great opportunity for giving your employees a chance to say what’s on their minds.

At Slido, we start collecting questions for our all-hands approximately a week in advance via our Slido x Slack integration, as well as during the meeting itself. Our colleagues are able to submit their questions for the CEO, upvote or downvote ones that were posted by others, or even reply to the questions themselves.

At the end of each all-hands, we run a 20-minute long ‘Ask me Anything’ session with our CEO, Peter. These have become absolutely indispensable to our team. By showing people that their concerns matter and that we’re willing to discuss them openly, Q&As have become one of the cornerstones of creating a culture of transparency.

Slido all-hands ask me anything session
Our CEO, Peter Komornik, answering the questions during the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session.

If you are running out of time but still have some relevant questions left unanswered, follow up with the replies after the meeting to make sure that no important question is ignored.

7. Collect timely feedback

Measuring the success of your all-hands meetings is essential in order to know whether they are worth the time and effort. Well-placed feedback from your teammates will help you there.

As a rule of thumb, your feedback form should be short and to the point. Go for punchy, concrete questions that allow for clear answers. Also, it’s important that you ask your teammates to fill out the feedback while they’re still in the room because once they leave the meeting, they might forget about it.

For example, at Slido we dedicate the last 2 minutes of our all-hands meeting agenda to feedback. We ask our colleagues to fill out this brisk three-question survey.

  • How would you rate this all-hands meeting? (rating poll)
  • What’s the most valuable part of our all-hands meetings? (open text poll)
  • Any ideas for improvement of all-hands? (open text poll)

To give you more inspiration, Vimeo runs a feedback survey after each of their “State of the Vimeo’ all-hands with these five questions.

  • Was this a valuable use of your time?
  • What content resonated with you?
  • What do you wish we’d talk about more?
  • What do you wish we’d talk about less?
  • Any other feedback?

You can create a feedback survey easily in Slido. Combine rating polls for quick, timely feedback and open text polls to collect more elaborate comments.

Slido feedback form

Gathering regular feedback will help you improve your all-hands meeting and adjust its content to make it more relevant and enjoyable for your employees.

Wrap up

The best all-hands meetings revolve around people and the successes your team has accomplished together.

Done well, these meetings will reinforce your company culture, empower your people and re-focus them on the company vision. The 7 interactive activities that we have listed above will help you achieve just that.

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