3 Ideas to Make Your Office Christmas Party Fun with Slido

Martina Cicakova
Slido Christmas party 3 gingerbreads

The festive season is here. It’s time for another Christmas party!

As popular as it is with the employees (though much less on the next day), organizing a company Christmas party is no small feat for HR and office managers.

How to engage everyone? How to make it more fun than last year?

Here’s something to get you inspired: Our 3 fun ideas to help you plan and deliver your upcoming Christmas party in style with Slido.

Collect people’s insights about the program, review the yearly numbers in a more interactive way or let people give their thanks to the people who deserve it.

We’ve also brought back the Christmas theme for the Present view to enhance the Christmassy mood. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set it up.

Slido Christmas theme

1. Involve people in planning the fun

This year, let people have a say in the planning.

Find out which games people would like to play, which songs should make it to the party playlist or get your team to choose a party theme or the dress code.

Use Slido Ideas to collect suggestions from your team and let people upvote their favorite ones. Or, you can give your employees several options to choose from and let them vote in multiple-choice polls.

Here are some examples for you:

  • Which song should definitely make it to our Christmas party playlist? (Slido Ideas)
  • Which activities would you like to do at the party?
    a) Play board games
    b) Do a scavenger hunt
    c) Have a karaoke session
    d) Eat cake and talk
    e) No activities
  • What should be the dress code for the office Christmas party?
    a) Let’s suit up!
    b) Relaxed and casual
    c) Christmas jumpers
    d) Black and white elegance
    e) Glitter everywhere

Slido multiple choice poll at Christmas party

2. Run a Christmas quiz to review the year

The Christmas party is a great opportunity to bring the whole team together to review achievements and summarize the key numbers of the year. To make it more fun, turn it into an interactive quiz.

Create a quiz in Slido with a series of questions asking about key company numbers and milestones such as:

  • What do you think our final sales numbers are for the year?
  • What was our average NPS this year?

You can also include fun facts and company stats such as:

  • How many minutes did we spend on video calls?
  • How many babies did we welcome last year?

Looking for more quiz questions? Here are 3 Christmas quizzes you can copy&paste for your company Christmas party.

Slido Christmas quiz question

3. Share company highlights of the year

Christmas is the perfect time to reminisce and think about the good stuff that happened during the year.

Let people share their professional highlights of the year, the most compelling client or their most precious personal moments.

First, pose a question and get people to discuss in groups. Next, ask them to submit their highlights via Slido Ideas and upvote their favorites. You can also invite those who submitted the top-voted moments to share stories behind them.

Here’s some inspiration for you:

  • What was your biggest highlight of the season? (Slido Ideas)
  • What was the most compelling client story that you heard this year? (Slido Ideas)
  • What was the funniest moment you had with your team this year? (Slido Ideas)

Slido Christmas party highlight poll

Extra Tip: Thank your Secret Santa

If you’re running a Secret Santa, you can give people an opportunity to thank their Santa on Slido.

Run an open text poll at the party and give your team members a few minutes to submit their messages. Showing appreciation and expressing gratitude can create a good team bonding experience.

Did you like your present? You can thank your Secret Santa here. (Open text poll)

Get inspired by these ideas and throw in some fun and interaction into your Christmas party to make it a memorable experience for your team.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Your Slido Team.

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