5 Powerful Tips for Creating Pre-Event Buzz

5 Powerful Tips for Creating Pre-Event Buzz

Spreading the word about your event can be a pretty challenging task. While the technology and social media allow you to reach out to wide audiences, finding the right crowd for your event is not a matter of chance.

Thankfully, there are strategies and tools that help you create the buzz and attract the right attendees to your event.

1. Create the pre-event buzz in the right place

Finding new contacts and accessing existing customers is absolutely essential when promoting your event. evvnt ensures that the right people see your conference or seminar by listing them on the most relevant sites at the click of a mouse.

Event information is then spread smartly and to the right places, making sure that the conversation buzzes where it should and your event appears in more and more listings, search engines and on mobile.

2. Choose the right hashtag

Getting the event hashtag right is crucial for stirring attendees’ online conversations. The event hashtag allows the event audience to stay connected before, during and after the event. So it’s super important to choose the right one that people will be happy to use. So what does a good event hashtag look like?

It’s short
Tweet can be only 140 characters long so always try to keep your event hashtag short to save space for actual messages. Using initials and numbers is a proven way how to generate a solid hashtag that people will use.

It’s unique
Do some research and check if your selected hasthag is not already taken. You don’t want to mix with someone else’s conversation and confuse your attendees.

It’s promoted well
It’s important that you introduce your hashtag officially. Don’t make any assumption that people will just get it right. Place the hashtag on your event website, social media profiles and most importantly start tagging your tweets with it.

For more tips for using Twitter at your event, take a look at our article on integrating social media into events.

3. Follow the backchannel buzz on Twitter

Once you create and announce your event hashtag, you can start listening to the backchannel buzz prior to your event. Learn what people are talking about, what their expectations and concerns are and what they would like to see at your event.

Tools such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite allow you to effectively track your event’s hashtag and monitor attendees’ conversations.

Make sure that you engage with your attendees in the dialogue by:

– responding to their tweets
– liking their posts
– and retweeting the most interesting posts.

By nourishing the Twitter discussions, you can create the community around those who are planning to attend your event.

4. Involve the audience in the decision-making process

You organise an event for the attendees, not for yourself. So why not let them choose the topics that they want to hear addressed? Audience engagement platforms such as sli.do allow you to create the pre-event poll, share it with your audience and let them vote on the topics or speakers that they want to hear.

Moreover, you can gather delegates’ questions prior to the event so your speakers can incorporate the answers into their slide deck and thus provide cover the topics that the audience is eager to hear.

5. Encourage the pre-event networking 

There are basically two reasons why people attend events – knowledge building and networking. Help the attendees to start getting to know one another prior to the event and boost the excitement.

The social event websites such as Evolero or Conferize help you to build an event community and drive social networking, bringing value before your event even starts.

These are a few of our tips how to create the buzz and boost the excitement before your event. What do you think? Which tools and strategies do you use? Please share with us in the comments below.

[This article was originally written by Juraj Holub for evvnt blog.]



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